Smoke Rooms and Fabrication

We offer fabrication for all types of stainless steel work including stainless steel products, hickory ham molds, sandwich ham mold, stainless steel square mold, stainless steel table, shelves, basins, boot washers, smoker-cooker-dryers, electric – steam or diesel cabinets, smoke room installation, training, smoke room’s controls.

Lapquip provides a fabrication service to all types of Stainless steel work. We specialize in the fabrication of hickory ham molds and sandwich ham mold. (Stainless Steel Square Mold) We provide a big variety of service towards manufacturing and fabrication to stainless steel products. We can build\change or improve on your stainless steel table, shelves, basins, boot washers ext. We can change your stainless steel table’s to prevent meat from falling and for the ease of packaging. If you need any reconditioning on stainless or mild steel, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here at Lapquip we manufacture smoker-cooker-dryer rooms\cabinets to the highest quality possible. We do not only manufacture but also service smoke rooms. After the manufacturing we will install these smoke rooms at your factory and provide the necessary training on operating these rooms. We can also upgrade your smoke room for better production. These smoke rooms are fully automatic so that production can carry on as usual.

Single Trolley

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Single Trolley SmokerSingle Trolley SmokersTwo Single Trolley SmokerSingle Trolley Smokers Side View

Double Trolley

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Double Trolley SmokerDouble Trolley SmokerDouble Trolley Smoker2 Trolley SmokerTwo Trolley SmokerDouble Trolley SmokersTwo Trolley Smokers

Three Trolley

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Three Trolley SmokerThree Trolley SmokersTriple Trolley SmokerTriple Trolley Smokers3 Trolley Smoker3 Trolley Smokers

Four Trolley

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Four Trolley SmokerFour Trolley SmokerFour Trolley SmokerFour Trolley SmokersQuadruple Trolley SmokerQuadruple Trolley Smokers4 Trolley Smoker4 Trolley SmokersSmoker 4 Trolleys

Inline Four Trolley Smoker & Cooling Unit

Inline Four Trolley SmokerInline Four Trolley Smoker

Four Trolley Cooling Unit

Four Trolley SmokerFour Trolley SmokerFour Trolley SmokerFour Trolley SmokerFour Trolley Smoker

Diesel Trolley

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Diesel SmokerDiesel Powered SmokerDiesel Powered SmokersDiesel Fuel SmokerDiesel Fuel SmokersDiesel Fueled SmokerDiesel Fueled SmokersDiesel Based SmokerDiesel Based SmokersSmoker Powered by DieselSmokers Powered by DieselSmoker Fueled by Diesel

Butchers Choice

Fabricated Steel Smoke RoomsOne Trolley Smoke RoomSmoke RoomsSmoker RoomsSmokersStainless Steel SmokerStainless Steel SmokersSteel SmokerSteel SmokersTwo Trolley Smoke RoomZeerens Smoke RoomsZeerens SmokerZeerens Smokers

Liquid Smokers

Liquid Smoker Trolley DrencherLiquid SmokerLiquid SmokersTrolley Drencher

Smoking Trolley

Smoke TrolleySmoker TrolleySmoking Trolleyimage1image2image3image4image5image6image7image8

We can fabricate any type or size of smoker trolley. The above pictures are examples of the completed work we have done!